Legal Sports Betting in West Virginia

Do you want to know more about legal sports betting in West Virginia? If you do, you came to the right place. Like you, I am a West Virginia resident, and I am passionate about betting on sports.

To say that I was waiting for a long time for authorities to legalize sports betting in the Mountain State would be an understatement. There were lots of sports betting enthusiasts living close by that were waiting for state officials to make the right move too. Hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic punters live east of the Mississippi River, and West Virginia is one of the hottest betting hubs on the East Coast.

Therefore, when state authorities finally announced sports betting to be legal in 2018, my fellow punters and I were over the Moon. On August 30, 2018, Hollywood Casino at Charles Town took the first sports bet, and betting enthusiasts in West Virginia have never looked back since.

So what does this mean for you? It means that you will be walking down a well-trodden path when you make your first West Virginia sports wager. All types of sports bets are legal in the Mountain State, and it is up to you to make the most of that situation.

However, with that much choice and options to bet on, one can easily get lost. Moreover, in addition to the several high-quality online sportsbooks operating in West Virginia, there are probably as many dubious ones too.

Making the Right WV Betting Choices

So how can you make the most of your West Virginia sports betting adventure, you may ask? It’s quite simple actually, but you have to listen to the right betting advice. That’s where my expert sports betting knowledge comes in.

I will tell you all you need to know to bet carefree in West Virginia and will give you an insight into how online betting in the state works.

I will also share with you the best WV sportsbooks and list the things you should look out for when placing a bet.

So let’s not waste a minute more, and let’s get your West Virginia sports betting adventure on its way!

Best Sports Betting Sites in WV

The first thing that you should do to get your West Virginia sports betting adventure off to a good start is to find a great WV betting site. To do this, you should go with only the best sports betting sites in WV and settle for nothing less.

But how can you know whether a West Virginia sports betting site is of decent quality? Well, there are two paths that you can take here.

The first one is to go with the West Virginia sportsbooks I have reviewed and listed here. I have checked these personally and can guarantee that they are all decent choices for a high-quality WV sports betting experience.

The second route that you can take is to check and verify the quality of the betting site yourself. Checking the credentials of online sportsbooks isn’t as easy as it sounds, but you can rest assured that I will assist you in this too.

I will tell you all the aspects you need to cover to check whether a WV betting site has got what it takes to be the best and will take you through the entire process. Without further ado, here are the things that you should look for in a West Virginia bookmaker.

Finding Your Ideal WV Sports Betting Provider

First of all, the online sportsbook that you choose must have a valid license that will let you know that it is a legitimate business. In other words, the West Virginia Lottery Commission must oversee and regulate all sports betting services that your sportsbook of choice provides. If the WV Lottery Commission has given the sportsbook the thumbs up, you can rest assured that you have made the right choice.

Another thing that you should look for in a West Virginia sports betting site is security. The betting provider that you choose must utilize the latest in data encryption and have valid security certificates. If the online sportsbook ticks these two boxes, you will know that all transactions you make will be safe and secure.

A high-quality sports betting offer should also be high on your list of priorities when searching for that ideal WV sports betting site. The West Virginia sportsbook you go with must offer wagering on professional and collegiate events and boast a myriad of sports betting markets. Having live in-game betting is also a must in this regard.

Lastly, a top-notch sports betting app is another thing that the best West Virginia bookmakers have these days. Betting on the go is the preferred method of wagering for most experienced punters. As such, a top-rated WV sportsbook must have a state-of-the-art mobile betting app.

Sports Betting Bonuses for West Virginia Punters

When shortlisting a sportsbook, make sure to closely inspect the sports betting bonuses for West Virginia punters it offers. Take it from me, WV online sports betting sites do have enticing bonus offers. Furthermore, playing at the best online sportsbooks in West Virginia does pay off if you play with the right bonuses they offer.

However, to find the most lucrative WV promos, you will have to do your fair share of digging online. All West Virginia sportsbooks claim to have the most enticing bonuses out there, and it takes a real betting pro to separate the high-quality bonus wheat from the chaff.

Fortunately for you, the WV Punter is just that type of seasoned betting veteran. I will list all the best bonuses that West Virginia sports betting sites offer right here. Moreover, I will tell you which bonuses you should go for and which ones you should put on the back burner to maximize your betting winnings.

Let’s look at the most enticing promos that West Virginia sportsbooks offer right now and how you can make them work for you.

First Deposit Bonus Offers at WV Bookies

First deposit bonus offers, also known as welcome bonuses, are the most enticing promos that WV sports betting sites offer. They usually come in the form of matched deposit bonuses and match your first deposit up to some predetermined amount.

For instance, a 100% welcome bonus up to $500 matches your first deposit up to $500, meaning you can play with double the money you deposited up to $500.

It is easy to see why betting pros rate these bonuses so highly. They increase your betting funds even before you have placed your first bet, and all you have to do to get them is to open an account and make a qualifying deposit.

To find the best welcome bonuses that WV sportsbooks offer, always try to go with first deposit promos that don’t come loaded with bonus activation requirements. It’s no use opting in for an enticing-looking welcome bonus if you have to move mountains to get it. To see the stipulations a bonus comes with, I recommend that you read its terms and conditions carefully before you decide to activate it.

Risk-free Bet Offers – Very Tempting Options

Risk-free bet promos are very common among online sportsbooks in West Virginia. This is good news as risk-free bet promos are quite enticing and facilitate placing more adventurous bets.

When a sportsbook gives you a risk-free bet, it says that it will return your stake if your wager loses. For instance, if a West Virginia sportsbook has an up to $1,000 risk-free bet promo, it will reimburse any losing bet you make up to $1,000. Of course, if your bet wins, you won’t get the free bet funds and will receive your winnings instead.

Reload Bonus Offers for Punters

When you use up your welcome bonus funds, it’s time to turn to reload bonus offers. WV sportsbooks utilize these promos to entice players to make deposits beyond their initial ones and reward them for doing so.

For instance, a sportsbook can give you a 50% up to $500 reload bonus on your second deposit. In other words, you can get up to $500 courtesy of the sportsbook if you deposit funds into your betting account for the second time.

These reload bonuses usually only apply to the second or third deposits you make. However, some sportsbooks give them with every reload you make.

I advise you to go through my WV sportsbook reviews to find these generous bookies. Reload bonuses give you a constant flow of bonus funds on your every deposit, and locating the bookmakers that have them should be your top priority.

Betting Apps That You Can Use in West Virginia

If you are a West Virginia punter who is always on the go, WV sports betting providers have got you covered. They have high-quality betting apps that let you place bets instantly and come with useful features that make sports betting easy.

However, to get the most out of a betting app, you have to use a top-quality mobile betting product. Almost all West Virginia bookmakers offer a betting app, but not all of them will simplify your sports betting experience.

So how can you find the best West Virginia sports betting apps in the sea of wagering products? Well, follow these three simple app-picking guidelines, and that will be as easy as pie.

Rule #1: A WV Betting App Must Be Easy on the Eye

The first thing that a betting app has to have is a clean and neat layout. There’s little point in having all the betting functionalities in the world if you cannot find what you need in the clutter called a betting app.

Ideally, you want your sportsbook app to have a simple design that you can navigate through and place your wager with as little fuss as possible. The best sports betting apps are a breeze to use, and even a betting beginner can bet like a real pro after only minutes of using the app.

Rule #2: Must Have All the Features of the Betting Site

A WV sports betting app should boast all the features of the sportsbook’s site and then some. In other words, a wagering app must have the same events and markets to bet on, as well as the same bonuses the site offers.

The app should also let you deposit and withdraw with the same payment options the site enables and give you access to equal or better customer service.

Rule #3: Choose Apps with Live Betting and Live Streaming Features

The purpose of betting apps is to make placing bets simpler and quicker, and these are crucial when betting live. Almost all WV sports betting apps let you place live wagers, but their live wagering sections are not of the same quality. To find the WV sports betting apps with the best in-play wagering sections, I strongly suggest you go through my WV sportsbook reviews.

Live streaming of games is another feature that only the best online sports betting apps have. With the live streaming feature, you can watch the games that you are betting on as they happen and free of charge. Most of the time, you only need to have a positive balance on your account to watch a game via your wagering app. That’s pretty neat in my book.

What makes a betting site great?

The first bet that Hollywood Casino at Charles Town took in 2018 marked the beginning of legal sports betting in the state of West Virginia. As soon as that happened, lots of online sportsbooks started appearing in the Mountain State, and some of them were, and still are top-notch. But what makes a betting site great? Read on to find out the things that make an online sports betting site stand out.

Licensed and Regulated

A sportsbook must have a valid license, and I cannot stress enough how important this is. Wagering at sportsbooks that operate without or with an expired license is just looking for trouble, and there are tons of problems that you can encounter when you are doing it.

Let me remind you once again that all online sports betting sites you find listed on my site are both licensed and regulated. All sportsbooks I have reviewed here hold a valid online gambling license and are safe choices for your next WV sports wager.

Moreover, reputable regulatory bodies such as the West Virginia Lottery Commission oversee the operations of these sportsbooks. As a result, you’ll have a carefree WV sports betting experience every time you play there.

Have the Best Bonuses For Betting

Top-quality sportsbooks have one thing in common – they all have great bonus offers. Whether it is enticing welcome bonuses, risk-free bets, or reload promos, the best online sports betting operators have them.

As a rule of thumb, always choose West Virginia bookmakers that have a generous welcome bonus. If a sportsbook is willing to give you lots of bonus credits only for opening a wagering account, they will likely much more when they see that you love playing there.

A Top-notch Sports Betting Offer

An excellent online betting offer is a must-have for a great West Virginia sportsbook. The best WV sports wagering providers boast a comprehensive selection of events to bet on and have a variety of markets too.

Regardless of whether you are looking to place an in-play or pre-game wager, the sportsbook must have you covered. Do you think the West Virginia Mountaineers will cover a -6.5 betting line? Then your sportsbook of choice must have this market in its offer. Do you want to back the Patriots and the Packers with a teaser bet? The WV sportsbook you chose should be able to give you this market.

If your sportsbooks don’t offer the betting propositions you want, look elsewhere. There are several high-quality West Virginia sports betting operators out there, and there’s no point wasting your time at an inferior sportsbook.

Lots of Payment Methods and High-Quality Customer Service

You might think of payment methods and customer service as two aspects that are not crucial to your online sports betting experience. However, you would be wrong.

Having lots of banking options at your disposal is a big part of betting. It is as crucial as having access to lots of sports and markets, and you shouldn’t underestimate the perks of wagering with a variety of payment methods. The best WV online sports betting providers offer several deposit and withdrawal options. These include:

  • Credit and debit cards;
  • E-wallets such as PayPal;
  • Online bank transfer;
  • Sportsbook prepaid cards;
  • Deposits and withdrawals at the casino cage.

If a sportsbook offers fewer payment options than these, look elsewhere. You deserve to play with the payment methods you prefer and shouldn’t settle for anything less than that.

Similarly, it’s a smart idea to opt for sports wagering providers that have top-quality customer service. Doing this will save you lots of trouble later on when you might encounter a problem.

In particular, punters living in the Mountain State should look for sports betting providers that have 24/7 customer service. Round-the-clock help-desks will be there for you at all times, assisting you as soon as a problem emerges. They can be particularly handy if you want to wager on early morning European soccer matches or late-night Asian baseball games.

You should also make sure that you can reach the sportsbook via several communication channels. These should include live chat, on-site contact forms, e-mail, phone, etc.

Quick Facts

Now that you know how to choose your ideal Mountain State sportsbook, it’s time to start betting. However, before you do that, spare a couple of minutes to go over a few quick facts related to sports betting in West Virginia.

Have to Be 21 or Older

To place legal sports wagers in the state of West Virginia, you have to be 21 years or older. If you are younger than that and try to bet in the Mountain State, you can get yourself in some serious trouble with the law.

WV sportsbooks use verification agencies to check that you are of legal age to bet. These agencies use the information you provide to verify your name and social security number before you start betting. If you fail these verification procedures, you should check that you entered your info correctly or send it again.

You Need Geo-location Software to Bet on Sports in West Virginia

As with all other US states that allow online gambling, you have to verify that you are betting from West Virginia to be able to bet in the Mountain State.

WV sportsbooks require punters to download and install geo-location software that will ascertain that they are wagering from inside the state. Fortunately, downloading and using this software is very easy, and you barely have to do a thing about it.

Wager on Professional and Collegiate Games

One of the great things about betting in the Mountain State is that you can place bets on both professional and college games. At VW sports betting sites, you can place bets on games from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, as well as ones from the NCAA.

Can Place Bets on Teams from West Virginia

Some states, such as New Jersey, have banned sports betting on local teams, meaning NJ residents cannot wager on NJ-based organizations. However, that is not the case in West Virginia. You can place sports wagers on popular local WV teams such as the West Virginia Mountaineers at any WV sportsbook.

You Can Wager at Land-based Casino Sportsbooks Too

In addition to being able to bet online, Mountain State residents can also wager at retail sportsbooks. Placing online bets is much simpler, but you also have the option to wager at retail betting providers if you like to place your bets in person.

West Virginia locations with retail bookmakers include:

  • Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races,
  • Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack & Resort,
  • The Casino Club at The Greenbrier,
  • Mardi Gras Casino & Resort,
  • Wheeling Island Hotel.

Unfortunately, because of contract disputes or similar problems, some of these wagering establishments may sometimes have their betting operations suspended. That’s why it’s always smarter to go with online sports betting sites and avoid worrying about cancellations of this sort.


There are tons of reasons to be excited about wagering in the Mountain State if you are a West Virginia resident. Chief among these are the top-notch online sportsbooks operating in the state and the enticing sports betting bonuses they offer.

If you are playing at a top-notch WV sportsbook, you can bet on both professional and college sports. No event is off-limits at WV sportsbooks, meaning you can bet on NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, as well as NCAA games.

Similarly, you can place bets on all the pre-game and in-play betting markets a sportsbook can offer. Whether it is moneyline, point spreads, or total points markets, WV bookmakers have got you covered.

Moreover, the most reputable WV wagering providers have top-tier betting apps that make placing bets as easy and as straightforward as you want it to be.

Lastly, when you wager at the best West Virginia bookmakers, you get a variety of deposit and withdrawal options on top of the 24/7 customer service they give you.

All in all, the Mountain State may be new to legal wagering, but it has an enticing sport if you know where to look. My message to you is to start betting at a WV sportsbook today and see why your fellow Mountain State punters are so excited about wagering in the state.


Where can you bet on sports in West Virginia?

You can bet on sports in West Virginia at both online sportsbooks and land-based bookmakers. You can place legal wagers at online sportsbooks such as DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, William Hill, and the Betly sportsbook. When betting offline, you place sports bets at various WV casino establishments and racetracks.

Can you bet on sports in West Virginia?

Yes, you can. Betting on sports is legal in West Virginia and has been like that since Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races took the first bet on August 30, 2018. You can bet at both online and land-based sports betting establishments in WV.

Does FanDuel sportsbook work in West Virginia?

Yes, it does. You can bet at FanDuel online via the sportsbook’s website or its popular betting app. The West Virginia Lottery Commission oversees and approves FanDuel’s sports betting services in WV.

Is DraftKings sportsbook legal in West Virginia?

Yes, it is. West Virginia is one of the states where betting via DraftKings is legal. The sportsbook has a licensing agreement in West Virginia with Penn National Gaming, and the West Virginia Lottery Commission oversees all of its sports betting services.

What West Virginia casino has the best sportsbook?

There are lots of decent casino choices in West Virginia. These include places such as Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races and the Wheeling Island Casino & Racetrack. The Mountaineer Casino & Racetrack, the Mardi Gras Casino, and the Casino Club at The Greenbrier are popular options too. To see which one is the best, I recommend you to check my reviews.