NFL Betting West Virginia

The National Football League (NFL) is one of the best sports leagues to wager on in the United States. Since online sports betting is legal in the state of West Virginia, NFL fans also can bet on football now. Currently, several NFL betting sites are up and running in the Mountain State with exciting betting options. In fact, punters in West Virginia can wager on American football teams and players across the US. They can also place a wide range of bets and claim NFL betting bonuses.

Would you like to join legal sports betting sites in West Virginia to wager on the NFL? Well, it’s crucial to know what NFL sports betting websites in WV have in store for punters. In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about NFL online sportsbooks in the state of WV. You’ll learn more about top NFL sportsbooks, sports betting bonuses, NFL wagers, and mobile betting app options. Keep reading to find out more.

Best NFL Betting Sites in West Virginia

You can only have a great football betting experience by choosing the best NFL betting websites in WV. If you don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law, you ought to choose a legal sportsbook. Legal West Virginia sports betting sites are licensed and supervised by the West Virginia Lottery Commission.

Luckily, I have made finding the best NFL sports betting websites in West Virginia easy for you. You’ll see a list of legal sports betting sites that offer football betting in the Mountain State on this site. I have researched and reviewed the WV sports betting portals recommended here to make sure you only get the best. If you are ready to bet on NFL sports now, don’t hesitate to join these sportsbooks.

WV NFL Betting Sites with the Best Bonuses

All West Virginia sports betting websites have various bonus offers for NFL bettors. Once you establish that the selected NFL sportsbook is legal, you should find out which betting bonuses are on offer. Of course, you want to identify the most lucrative offers and get them as fast as you can. What you see today might change tomorrow, so it’s better to act now if the bonus looks good.

There will be different types of NFL sports betting bonuses in West Virginia, depending on the chosen sportsbook. Nevertheless, whichever option you find, you should be able to claim them using the desktop website or mobile betting app. Let’s delve into some of the best NFL sportsbook bonuses you can claim at West Virginia sports betting websites.

WV Sports Betting Signup Bonus for NFL Punters

A signup bonus is simply a welcome offer awarded to new punters after registering. NFL sports betting websites in the Mountain State have varying signup bonus offers. That is, the amount of bonus money you can get as a welcome bonus will vary from one WV sportsbook to another.

The question is, why do sports betting operators in West Virginia offer signup bonuses? Well, it’s all about attracting prospective sports bettors. As a punter, WV sports betting signup bonuses will increase your bankroll. Therefore, you’ll be able to start NFL sports betting in West Virginia with more money than what you can deposit.

Also, you don’t know what to expect when you join a new online sportsbook in the state of West Virginia. If you’ve just registered, you can use the available signup bonus to wager on the NFL as you test the waters. In case you are pleased with the sportsbook, you can stay around and deposit.

NFL Deposit Bonuses in West Virginia

If your NFL bonus is classified as a deposit bonus, it implies that you must deposit to claim it. Under such circumstances, the WV sportsbook operator will specify the minimum deposit. You should check the sportsbook deposit bonus terms and conditions to know the required deposit amount. I’m sure it’s something you can manage because it’s usually small.

No Deposit Bonuses for NFL Punters in WV

I was very excited the first time I came across no deposit bonuses at West Virginia sports betting platforms. And I know you’ll be happy to know that online sportsbooks in the state of WV allow players to wager on the NFL without depositing. You can claim your no deposit NFL bonus in West Virginia as long as you have verified online sports betting account.

A no deposit bonus is usually a straightforward offer awarded as free money or a cash bonus. For example, a sports betting operator in the Mountain State may give you a no deposit bonus of $25. If the bonus is specifically meant for NFL betting, then you must spend it on football wagers. It could also be a general bonus for all kinds of sports betting.

NFL Risk-Free Bets in West Virginia

All gambling activities involve taking risks, including being ready to lose your money if your bet loses. Thankfully, WV NFL sportsbooks will lower the risk of losing money on your first bet. They do so by offering risk-free bet up to a certain amount. Without a doubt, a risk-free bet will motivate you to place your first bet without thinking about the risk of losing. It’s all because you’ll get a refund if you lose your first NFL wager.

WV sportsbooks determine the size of risk-free bets, so each offer is most likely to be different from what other NFL sportsbooks are offering. A sportsbook’s risk-free bet could be worth $500, $600, $1,000, or more. Note that these figures represent the maximum amount of money you can get as a refund if you lose your first bet.

WV NFL Free Bet

Since risk-free bets are awarded on the first bet, they can only be claimed by new punters. But that’s not the end of free bet offers for West Virginia NFL bettors. Provided that you keep betting, you may qualify for more free bets and use them to win real money.

Free bets are often awarded in the form of free money. For instance, you may get free bets worth $25 if you spend $50. Keep in mind that WV sports betting operators may only target specific markets. You should look for the available NFL free bets if you want to wager on American Football.

Free In-Play Bet on the NFL

In case you are interested in live betting on the NFL, top West Virginia sports betting websites have in-play free bets for you. An in-play free bet is usually a deposit bonus because you have to spend some money to earn it. For instance, you may get a $25 free in-play bet if you spend $50 on an ongoing NFL game.

NFL Parlay Boosts in West Virginia

An NFL parlay boost is also another remarkable bonus to claim at West Virginia online sports betting websites. The idea behind NFL parlay boosts is to reward football bettors with more profits when they place wagers on the NFL. The selected WV online sportsbook may also offer a parlay boost on all sports.

I have noted that NFL boosts in the state of West Virginia and other states come with certain requirements. For example, bettors in the Mountain State may be required to opt-in and place wagers with a specified number of legs. Depending on the number of selected legs, punters can get up to 40% more in profits if their parlays win.

NFL Mobile Sports Betting in West Virginia – Wager on NFL Sports Everywhere

These days, almost all online sports betting enthusiasts have access to mobile gaming devices. Thanks to internet-enabled smartphones and tablets, WV online sports bettors can wager on NFL games on the go. Whether you are using an iPad, iPhone, or Android device, you can bet on the NFL whenever you want. Personally, I prefer mobile betting because it’s more convenient than using a desktop computer. Plus, it is very useful to place bets and track the games on the go.

Wager on the NFL in WV Using Your Mobile Browser

Thanks to groundbreaking technologies such as HTML5, mobile punters in West Virginia can enjoy NFL sports betting using mobile browsers. The mobile version of an online sportsbook generally as good as the desktop site. You can use it to register, log in, bet on NFL sports, and claim betting bonuses. And there’s no difference in terms of the types of bet you can place using a mobile device.

NFL Sports Betting App in West Virginia

Right now, several mobile sports betting apps are live in the state of West Virginia. For me, NFL betting using a mobile sports betting app is the best option for football punters. Just like mobile-friendly NFL betting websites, NFL sportsbook apps allow punters to bet everywhere.

Top WV online sportsbooks have an awesome Android or iOS mobile sports betting app for you. The iOS sports betting app is the easiest to install because you can download it from the App Store. If you are an Android user, you’ll have to download the sports betting app directly from the sportsbook. This is because Google’s Play Store does not permit gambling apps. Also, you have to give certain permissions during the installation process.

Once you install the sports betting app on your phone or tablet, you’ll be walking with a sportsbook in your pocket. You can launch the app whenever you want and wager on the NFL.

How to Bet on the NFL – Types of Bets for West Virginia Football Bettors

Now, let’s focus on the different ways to wager on the NFL in the state of West Virginia. If you already know the best NFL teams or players to bet on, the next step is to learn the different types of NFL bets. NFL moneyline wagers are easy to understand, but point spreads and parlays are a bit more complicated. However, nothing is hard if you are ready to learn about NFL sportsbook bets.

NFL Moneyline Bets

Let’s begin with the easiest bet you can place on an NFL match in West Virginia, a moneyline bet. But first, you need to understand what the terms favorite and underdog mean in NFL sports betting.

Simply put, the favorite team is the team that’s expected to win, while the underdog is considered to be the weaker team. The favorite is listed as a minus (-) while the underdog is listed as a plus (+). With that said, NFL sportsbook oddsmakers set the line for moneyline wagers with both teams in mind.

When placing a moneyline wager, the objective is to bet on the team you think will win the game. This means that there’s no spread to cover. The NFL sportsbook operator will set the odds in such a way that punters win more money if they wager on the underdog to win.

Point Spread NFL Bets

A point spread bet is another popular bet to place on the NFL in the state of West Virginia. To set the point spread, sportsbook oddsmakers determine the favorite team and estimate it will win the game by a certain number of points, hence the term spread. The team you choose to wager on must cover the spread for you to win the bet.

If you wager on the favorite NFL team, you win the bet if the team wins by more than the point spread. And if you wager on the underdog, your bet wins if the team wins the game or loses by less than the specified number of points.

Let’s say a WV sports betting site has listed the favorite team as -2.5. Here, the favorite team must win the game by more than 2.5 points for the bet to win. On the other hand, the bet wins if an underdog team listed as +2.5 wins the game or loses by less than 2.5 points. In other words, the underdog should lose by up to 2 points for the bet to win.

As you can see, an NFL point spread bet is not about the overall winner of the match. It’s all about which team covers the spread based on the number of points scored. Therefore, you can win a spread bet regardless of which team wins the match.

NFL Total (Over/Under) Bets

A total bet is another easy bet option you’ll find at WV sports betting portals. In the NFL, a total bet is primary about the total number of points scored at the end of the game. Just like a point spread bet, you can win a total bet irrespective of which team wins.

NFL totals are also known as under/over bets for obvious reasons. That is, the bettor predicts whether the final score will be over or under the total posted by the sportsbook oddsmaker.

Parlays in NFL Betting

An NFL parlay is a more complicated bet than moneyline, point spread, and over/under bets. But the best part is that the returns can be pretty impressive. The best sportsbook operators in the Mountain State will give you a chance to place several wagers as one bet. And that’s what is known as a parlay bet in NFL online sports betting.

With a parlay bet, you can place as many as a dozen different wagers as a single wager. However, you should note that the more selections you add to the parlay, the higher the chances of losing. Also, all of the selected bets must win for you to win. You lose everything if one of the wagers loses. Nevertheless, you stand a chance to scoop a bigger payout if your NFL parlay wins.

First/Second Half Wagering in NFL

One fascinating fact about NFL online sports betting websites in West Virginia is that they’ll allow you to wager on game outcomes in the first or second half. Whether you prefer a point spread or total bet, a great sportsbook in the Mountain State will let you bet based on the score when an NFL game reaches halftime. If you decide to wager on game outcomes in the second half, remember that second half wagers include any overtime periods.

In-Play NFL Betting

Live or in-play betting is another common type of bet available to sports betting devotees in the state of West Virginia. Notably, the odds will keep changing as the game progresses. You should stay focused to make sure that you place your NFL in-play bet when the time is right. It’s possible to land a big win if you wager when the odds go up and win.

NFL Futures

West Virginia sports betting punters also have the opportunity to wager on NFL events that will take place in the future. For example, bettors can wager on the Super Bowl even before the season begins.

Another great option is to bet on the NFL team you think will win each conference or division. Before placing NFL future bets, you should bear in mind that many changes can happen before these events take place. Thus, you should choose and bet wisely.

Prop Betting in NFL

A proposition (prop) bet is an interesting one because it doesn’t matter which team wins the game or how many goals are scored. When placing a prop bet on NFL sports, you simply bet on the events you think will take place during a specific game. This means that you can easily win a bet during the first few minutes of an NFL match.

For example, you could bet on the first player to score, the total number of touchdowns, or the first team to score. The number of events you can wager on will depend on what the chosen West Virginia sportsbook operator thinks is appropriate.

NFL Teasers

Online sportsbooks in West Virginia also make NFL sports betting more exciting by offering NFL teasers. A teaser allows WV sports betting punters to add more points on an underdog. Also, teasers let bettors subtract points from the favorite team on several NFL games.

In simple terms, football bettors in West Virginia can lower the risk by modifying the spread or total to generate bettor odds of an NFL team covering. If you choose this type of bet, don’t forget that the payout will be lower than what the sportsbook is offering.

NFL Teams to Wager on in West Virginia

NFL sportsbooks in the Mountain State present numerous betting opportunities for American football punters. One of the reasons why there are so many wagering options is the presence of several NFL teams in the United States. The NFL consist of 32 teams – 16 in the National Football Conference and 16 American Football Conference.

With 32 NFL teams playing, WV bettors have lots of sports betting options, whether the teams are designated as favorites or underdogs. Also, each team has tens of players, so there are countless options if you wish to wager on individual players.

NFL Preseason Betting in West Virginia – Learn About Teams and Players in Advance

The NFL preseason attracts sports bettors across the United States, so punters in the state of WV should pay attention to the schedule. NFL preseason games usually begin in August to prepare players for the regular season. The preseason is the best time for West Virginia punters to follow their favorite teams and players.

During NFL preseason, serious bettors and handicappers get busy scrutinizing teams and NFL stars. Although oddsmakers have limited information during the preseason, they’ll still set lines. Also, you may not have many NFL betting options during preseason games. But you can still wager on preseason NFL sports in the Mountain State.

Regular Season NFL Betting in the State of WV

NFL online sportsbook fans in West Virginia should always keep the regular season in mind because it offers plenty of betting opportunities. The regular season is characterized by a 16-game schedule. Each team faces 13 opponents during the regular season – 3 opponents from its division (twice), 6 other opponents from inside its own conference, and all 4 teams from a division outside of its conference.

The regular season also creates lots of chances for West Virginia sports betting aficionados. During this season, bettors and oddsmakers have a lot of information about players and team performances. Therefore, it’s easy to wager on the various games and set correct NFL odds.

Wagering on NFL Playoffs in West Virginia

The NFL Playoffs take place at the end of the regular season. Two teams from each of the NFL’s two conferences qualify for the playoffs, so 14 teams in total. These teams take part in a single-elimination tournament to determine the overall champion of the NFL. The two teams to win the tournament then proceed to the Super Bowl.

Being an action-packed tournament, the NFL Playoffs are worth your time. West Virginia sportsbooks will definitely offer competitive odds on these games. So, you should stay alert to make the most of all betting chances.

Wagering on the Super Bowl in West Virginia

One of the best NFL events you should keep an eye on in the state of West Virginia is the Super Bowl. This is the NFL’s annual championship game, which concludes the NFL playoffs. The winning team of the Super Bowl receives the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The best WV online sportsbook will let you wager on the NFL’s championship game. Even from a sportsbook app, punters in the state of West Virginia should be able to access all Super Bowl betting options and attractive odds. NFL bettors can expect to see team futures, player propositions, and even odd boosts. Since the Super Bowl is an annual event, it’s a great option for placing future bets.

Tips for Choosing the Best NFL Betting Site in West Virginia

Several online sportsbooks have already started their operations in West Virginia. And all WV sports betting operators you’ll encounter promise to offer the best sports betting experience. To choose the best from the available sportsbooks, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Legal sports betting in the state of West Virginia – First of all, you must make sure that you choose a WV sports betting website with a license. Legal sports betting operators have a license from the West Virginia Lottery Commission.
  • NFL Odds – To stand a better chance of getting a reasonable payout, you should join WV sportsbooks with the best NFL odds. That’s why I always advise bettors to shop the lines and compare all sportsbooks available in the Mountain State
  • A wide range of betting options – A good sportsbook in WV will let you wager on every NFL sport you can think of. It will also allow you to place different bet types and even bet on other sports in the United States using a mobile sportsbook app.
  • Keep an eye on NFL games – One of the best ways to become an effective NFL punter is to track NFL matches right from the preseason to the Super Bowl. By keeping a record of the most important NFL events, you’ll know how to wager on teams and players.

NFL Sports Betting Picks for West Virginia Punters

If you are looking for the best NFL sports betting picks in the state of West Virginia, this is the best place to be. On this site, I’ll be offering the best NFL sports wagering picks to help you enjoy every moment you spend betting on American football. I only focus on providing you with NFL betting picks with the finest winning percentages. Be sure to check my expert picks from time to time.


Thanks to legal online sportsbooks in the state of West Virginia, NFL bettors have lots of opportunities to bet on American Football. Since it is one of the most popular sports, football has attracted the attention of many sports punters in the Mountain State. It’s now easy to find a legal WV sports wagering site and wager on the preseason, regular season, and postseason NFL sports.

Today could be your lucky day if you’ve always wanted to bet on NFL sports in West Virginia. Choose from the WV sports wagering sites I have recommended here for the best NFL sports betting experience in West Virginia. I wish you all the best.


Is Online Sports Betting Legal in West Virginia?

Yes, legal WV internet sportsbooks allow punters to bet on the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and other sports.

Where Can I Bet on Sports in West Virginia?

You need to join legal WV sportsbooks like the ones recommended here. The law also requires punters to wager inside the state lines.

Can I Bet on NFL Sports in West Virginia Using a Mobile Device?

West Virginia sportsbooks let players wager on American football and other sports using a desktop or mobile device.

Do I Need to Deposit to Get NFL Betting Bonuses in WV?

Online sportsbooks in West Virginia offer deposit and no deposit NFL bonuses. You may be required to deposit a certain amount to claim some NFL betting bonuses.