Horse Racing Betting West Virginia

Are you a fan of horse racing living in the state of West Virginia? Then you’ve come to the right place. Now, you can make some extra cash through horse racing betting in the Mountain State. The online casino sites and sports betting are legal in the state, which means that punters can expect to see legal horse betting sites in WV. Another amazing thing about West Virginia is that fans of horse races can visit casino racetracks to watch live matches. West Virginia bettors can also head to sportsbooks and wager on races.

As a fan of horse races, I’m thrilled to inform you of the best treats the racing industry in WV has to offer. In this guide, I’ll introduce you to the best horse racing betting sites in the state of West Virginia for the best horse wagering experience. You’ll also learn how to bet on horse races and choose the best horse wagering sites. Let’s get started!

Best Horse Racing Betting Sites in West Virginia

One of the things I’ve learned as a fan of online casino gambling and sports betting is that your experience will depend on the kind of casino or betting site you choose. If you want a smooth betting experience on horses in West Virginia, you must locate the best horse race wagering sites. And it’s essential to learn how to distinguish a legal betting site from a rogue.

At the moment, many sport betting sites will allow you to wager on horses in West Virginia. But how can you make a great choice without wasting time? Luckily, I’ve conducted in-depth research on various horse wagering sites in WV and presented them here. It will only take you a few minutes to identify a good choice and sign up for an unparalleled betting experience on ponies.

What Makes a Great Horse Racing Betting Site?

Several factors will determine whether a certain horse race betting is worth your time or not. I know betting is all about taking risks, but you cannot afford to risk your hard-earned cash by joining illegitimate sites. The chosen betting site must be legit no matter what.

Horse race bettors in West Virginia should have a seamless wagering experience all the time. I mean, there should be something to wager on as long as horse races are taking place in the state of West Virginia and the United States at large.

Tips for Choosing the Best Online Horse Racing Betting Site

The truth of the matter is that not every betting site purporting to offer betting on horses in West Virginia is a good choice. For that reason, you must choose betting sites carefully by scrutinizing each one of them. Let me take you through the key characteristics of a great horse betting site.

Online Betting License

The first question you should ask yourself before joining horse wagering sites in West Virginia is: Are they legal? For me, the easiest way to determine if the betting site is legal is to find out if it has a license to operate in West Virginia. My advice is that you should check the bottom part of the site for a legitimate betting license. If the site doesn’t have a license from the legal authority, immediately leave the page and look elsewhere.

To be sure that you’ve come to a place with a legit license, you can check the operators that I list here. As my site is legally recognized by the legal authority, I only list legit bookies here.

Plenty of Horse Betting Options

Betting on horse races that take place in West Virginia is great but not enough for a serious punter. I believe that most bettors want to wager on other racing events across the U.S. Therefore, it’s crucial for betting sites that offer wagering on horses to offer various markets. More horse wagering options in West Virginia will allow you to make the choices you want without limitations.

Various Bet Types for Horse Wagering

Like most sports, horse race events in West Virginia offer a plethora of wagers, and you should know how to capitalize on them. You could be a master of one type of bet, but you’ll have more fun betting on horses if the betting site allows you to place various wagers.

Great Horse Betting Odds

The available odds at West Virginia horse race betting sites will always determine the payout if you win. Of course, you want every bet you place to give you good returns. You can achieve this goal by making sure that you choose West Virginia horse wagering sportsbooks with lucrative odds.

Live Racing Streaming

One way to have fun as you bet on horses in the state of West Virginia is to watch live racing events. When you load the betting website or sportsbook app, be sure to check the live section for live racing action. You should be able to watch horse live racing games and other sports available on the selected WV betting site.

The best WV horse wagering sites will provide you with high-quality video streams regardless of the gaming device you are using. You should make the most of this opportunity to learn more about the races, horses, and jockey. The more you watch racing events, the more you get to understand the sport and live betting odds.

Horse Racing Betting Bonuses

The best marketing strategy for horse sports betting sites is to use bonuses. A nice signup bonus at West Virginia betting sites will make you want to join and wager. Punters residing in West Virginia should be able to claim such a bonus as soon as they join a sportsbook. Bonuses like free bets will give a significant boost to your bankroll and allow you to bet more on horses and other sports.

Other Betting Options

The State of West Virginia boasts a diverse sports betting industry. And if you are a versatile punter like me, you probably have other betting interests. That is, you might want to bet on other sports in West Virginia. Besides offering horse wagering, the best betting site will let you wager on a wide range of sports. Be sure to keep this in mind when choosing betting websites in West Virginia.

How to Wager on Horses in West Virginia

Betting on horses is not as hard as some people think. You just need to grasp the basics and know which horses are likely to give you a win if you bet on them. The best WV horse wagering sites will let you place straight and exotic wagers whenever you want.

Straight Wagers on Horses in WV

Straight bets are the easiest to place regardless of the sport. Top horse wagering sites in West Virginia will allow punters to choose from the most popular straights bets. If you are a beginner, I recommend straight wagers because they are simple, and the minimum bet is affordable.

The most common straight bets in horse betting are as follows:

  • Win – When placing a winning bet on horses, you wager on the horse that you think will come in the first place. You win if the selected horse wins the race.
  • Place – A place bet allows you to wager on the horse you believe will come in the first or second position. That is, the chosen horse must be number one or two for you to win the bet.
  • Show – In horse wagering, you place a show bet if you are confident that your horse will be among the top three.
  • Win/Place/Show – This type of bet gives bettors an opportunity to place the three straight wagers as a single wager.

Exotic Bets on Horses in West Virginia

Once you gain experience to place more sophisticated and rewarding bets on horses, you can place exotic bets in WV. Exotic bets will let you bet on multiple ponies in a single wager. These bets are harder to win than straight horse wagers. But the rule of thumb is that the more the risks, the greater the returns. You just need to believe in yourself and do lots of research on horse races.

The best West Virginia horse wagering sites will offer these exotic bets:

  • Exacta – An exacta bet allows WV punters to wager on two horses to come in first and second position in the right order.
  • Quinella – This bet also involves betting on the first two horses, but they don’t have to win in the correct order for you to win the bet.
  • Trifecta – A trifecta bet entails wagering on the first three horses to win the race in the correct order. It’s obviously riskier than wagering on one or two horses.
  • Superfecta – This is the hardest bet to place on horses at WV sportsbooks, but you get the best payouts. Here, you have to predict the first four horses to win in the right order.

Mobile Horse Racing Betting in West Virginia

Mobile gambling is now popular everywhere you go, including the state of West Virginia. The Mountain State has legalized mobile casino sites and sports betting sites that offer horse wagering. Therefore, you don’t need a desktop device to wager on horse races in WV. A smartphone or tablet is good enough, especially if you are always betting on horses on the go.

Loading the mobile betting site is a great option, but I prefer downloading the sportsbook app. Every serious horse wagering sportsbook will have a downloadable app for Android and iOS devices. Also, a good betting app will ensure that you can access every important feature. It will allow you to log in, make deposits, place bets on horses, claim betting bonuses, and withdraw your winnings.

Tips for Becoming a Better Horse Race Punter

Betting on horses can be both captivating and rewarding if you know what you are doing. Punters in West Virginia can easily walk away with big wins if they make the right choices. Once you choose a reliable horse racing wagering site, keep the following tips in mind for the best outcomes.

Know Your Favorite Horses and Jockeys

Of course, not every horse or jockey qualifies for a bet. You need to have a clear understanding of which horses or jockeys are likely to win. This is very important because horse race betting is largely about winners. To learn about horses and their riders, you should keep yourself updated by reading news about horse races in West Virginia and other states.

Since there are casino racetracks in the Mountain State, try to visit one of them once in a while. If you get the opportunity, visit the paddocks to see how the horses look and behave. If they look fit, then you can wager on them without doubts.

Track Your Horse’s Past Performances

If you have information on how a horse has been performing, then you know whether betting on that horse is worth your money. Remember that the casino racetracks in WV and other states are not the same. Some of them have rough surfaces, while others are a bit smooth.

Thus, it’s crucial to monitor your favorite horse’s performance on various racetracks to see how he performs. That way, you can easily predict the chances of that horse winning based on the racetrack selected for an upcoming racing event.

Learn More About Horse Trainers

To succeed in horse racing wagering, it’s important to pay attention to the people who train horses for racing events. Horse trainers play a crucial role in preparing horses for racing. A horse’s performance under one trainer will tell you how good or bad that trainer is. With this information, it’s easy to make the final betting decision with confidence.

Shop Round to Find the Best Horse Wagering Options

To be a successful horse punter in WV, you ought to find out what various betting sites are offering. If you look around, you’ll notice that the odds are not always the same on all sportsbooks. The main objective of comparing several betting sites is to choose the best of the best. Don’t just place bets on horse wagering sites you find on the internet. To obtain proper information, you can check my reviews so that you will be able to learn everything you need to know about the bookie.

Set a Budget for Betting

Having placed bets for many years, I know it’s possible to get carried away by the thrills of gambling. When you land a big win, you might be tempted to even place larger bets on horses. Also, many punters find themselves chasing losses hoping to recover from a losing streak.

The best way to make sure you don’t bet on horses unwisely is to set a betting budget. In fact, you should create a budget whether you are wagering on sports or playing casino games. For your information, it means nothing if you don’t follow your budget. You must always stick to it and know when to take a break if whatever you are doing is not bearing fruits.

Last Words

Sports betting fans in the state of West Virginia have every reason to be excited because they can wager on many sports. On top of all, betting on horse races is one of the best choices if you happen to reside in the Mountain State. You have the option to visit casino racetracks and even wager on horses at online betting sites in West Virginia.

With so many racing events, horses, and jockers, there’s no reason not to take part in horse wagering in WV. The first step is to find a trustworthy horse wagering site and join. You’ll see some impressive options on this site, so don’t hesitate to sign up. Hopefully, you’ll have an amazing betting experience as you place bets on the best horses and jockeys in West Virginia and other states. Good luck!


Is Sports Betting Legal in West Virginia?

Yes, the state of West Virginia legalized sports betting in 2018.

Can You Bet Online in WV?

Yes, residents of WV are free to join online sportsbooks and casino sites. To qualify, players must be at least 21 years old and located in West Virginia.

Which Horse Bet Pays the Most?

Exotic bets are the most rewarding bets in horse race betting. A superfecta bet is the most rewarding if you can correctly predict the first four horses in the correct order.