Legal NBA Betting in West Virginia

We had to wait a long time for legal NBA betting in West Virginia to become a reality, but the wait is now finally over. Mountain State NBA enthusiasts rejoiced when the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races took the first legal wager in WV. It meant that we could, at long last, bet legally on sports, and one of the first competitions that came to our minds was the NBA.

Few sports competitions are as exciting as the NBA. The most prominent basketball championship worldwide features some of the best athletes the world of sports has ever seen and serves some of the most competitive games too.

Players such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, James Harden, and Giannis Antetokounmpo have broken one record after another. In doing so, they have kept NBA fans of all generations entertained from October until June for decades.

Watching high-quality NBA games is a great way to spend your evening, but watching and betting on those same games is an even better alternative.

It’s exciting to enjoy a high-scoring All-Star game, but betting and winning on that same game far exceeds that excitement. Similarly, suggesting to your colleagues that Giannis Antetokounmpo will be MVP of the season will give you the office bragging rights. However, backing the Greek Freak to win the MVP with a futures bet and pocketing some cash in the process is much better.

But where can I place these bets, I hear you ask? At the best West Virginia sportsbooks, you will find here, of course. Read on to find out how you can make the most of your NBA wagering experience by betting at top-notch NBA sportsbooks. Let’s get started!

Best NBA Betting Sites in WV

To make the most out of your basketball wagering experience, you have to bet at the best NBA betting sites in WV. These online sports betting providers have comprehensive NBA wagering offers that you will never find at inferior WV bookmakers. As such, they should always be your first choice when thinking of an NBA wager.

But how do you know which Mountain State sportsbooks are top-notch and which ones you should avoid? After all, most West Virginia online sportsbooks look the same on the surface. When that’s the case, the only way to find out the quality of a sportsbook is to place several bets there first.

However, that’s not a very practical method of determining the quality of an online sportsbook. Most of the time, you will realize that you are betting at an inferior provider a couple of bets in, but it will already be too late to get out by then. You will have a substantial account balance that you would have to use at a good-for-nothing betting provider. And that’s far from ideal, especially if you are on a tight wagering budget.

My Expert NBA Betting Advice Can Help

Fortunately, that never happens to Mountain State punters who frequent my website. I take great care to inform my fellow West Virginians what the best NBA sportsbooks in the state are, and I take this task very seriously. As a result, all of my readers place bets at tried and tested NBA wagering providers.

If you see that I have recommended a WV NBA betting site, you can rest assured that the sportsbook is the right place for your next basketball wager.

Moreover, I review in detail all West Virginia online sports betting operators. I put under the microscope all WV sportsbooks that claim to have the best NBA betting options in particular. At WVPunter, you can instantly see which NBA bookmakers talk the talk but also walk the walk.

Stay with me to see how you can differentiate between a top-tier online sportsbook and an NBA betting also-ran. I will provide you with useful tips for choosing your NBA online sportsbook and will also tell you how to recognize a great NBA betting site.

Tips for Choosing the Best Online NBA Sportsbooks

When you are choosing your ideal NBA online sportsbook, professional betting advice from experienced punters is invaluable. There are a lot of second-rate West Virginia NBA betting sites, in addition to the quality ones, and you often need expert advice to avoid them. That’s where my tips for choosing the best online NBA sportsbooks come in.

I will share with you four super-useful tips that will help you in your search for locating the online sports wagering providers with the best NBA offers. It’s safe to say that if an online sportsbook ticks all of these boxes, it is an excellent choice for your NBA wagers.

Tip #1: Only Bet at Licensed Sportsbooks

I only present and review West Virginia bookmakers that hold a gambling license, and for a good reason. A valid license is crucial if you are looking for a legal sports betting experience in West Virginia. If a bookmaker doesn’t have it or it is expired, you should immediately look elsewhere.

The West Virginia Lottery Commission stamp of approval in a sports betting site is critical for several reasons. First of all, it tells you that a sportsbook is a legitimate business. It also lets you know that a regulatory body has checked the credentials of the sportsbook. Therefore, if the bookmaker doesn’t want to pay out your NBA winnings, for instance, the regulator will hold the people in charge of the provider accountable.

Another reason why you should place all of your NBA wagers at licensed and regulated sports betting providers is the protection that you get. When there is disagreement over a betting issue between you and the sportsbook, the betting provider comes into the legal argument with far greater resources.

However, if there’s a dispute and the WV Lottery Commission regulates the sportsbook, you can rest assured that the regulator will hear your side of the argument too.

All of the NBA sportsbooks that you can find on the WVPunter’s site hold a valid West Virginia betting license. In other words, even the sports betting providers that don’t get the best NBA wagering marks here are at least licensed and regulated.

Tip #2: Choose Sportsbooks with Great NBA Betting Options

After you have made sure that the sports betting provider you chose has a valid license, it’s time to see if it has a quality NBA betting offer. Ideally, you want your NBA bookmaker to have both regular season and playoff games in its portfolio. If it does, that’s a great start, and the sports betting provider deserves some further research.

The thing that you want to check next is the pre-game betting offer. Here, you want to see as many NBA wagering markets as possible. The sportsbook must have wagering propositions such as moneyline, as well as various points, spread betting options, and totals markets. In addition to these, the sportsbook must have other, more obscure markets too. These include propositions such as first quarter moneyline, half-time betting lines, Odd/Even, and so on.

Individual player wagering options are also a must in the current competitive WV sportsbook environment. The ability to bet on how many points, assists, rebounds, and steals a player will record is something that most top-notch sports betting providers must offer these days.

Believe it or not, all of these markets are only the tip of the iceberg at the best NBA bookmakers. They also boast enticing NBA futures, lucrative teaser bets, various Yankee, Trixie, Goliath, Lucky 63 wagers, and other exotic wagering options.

On top of all of this, the best NBA bookmakers must also have an excellent live wagering section. Placing NBA bets live is essential if you are an experienced punter, and your sportsbook of choice must have outstanding in-play wagering options.

Tip #3: Choose NBA Sportsbooks that Have the Best Bonuses

Going with West Virginia bookmakers that have the best NBA betting options is always a smart move. However, if those NBA sportsbooks also offer enticing NBA bonuses, that’s even better.

There are a lot of super-lucrative NBA bonuses that you can benefit from if you know where to look. Even if you don’t know where to find the best West Virginia NBA promos, I am here to help. In my sportsbook reviews, I tell you which WV wagering providers have the best NBA promotions so that you don’t have to go through each bookmaker yourself.

There are two types of NBA bonuses that you should look for in a West Virginia sportsbook: the NBA risk-free bet and the NBA parlay boost.

NBA Risk-free Bet

The NBA risk-free bet is by far the most common type of bonus that you can get at West Virginia bookmakers. With it, you can get your stake back if your NBA bet losses – it’s as simple as that.

Knowing that you will get your money back in case of a losing bet gives you the freedom to make more adventurous NBA bets, and that can be quite beneficial. In other words, the riskier NBA wagers that you place courtesy of this promo could win you quite a lot of money as a result. And if those bets lose, you have the safety net of the risk-free promo, of course. How great is that?

NBA Parlay Boost

Another NBA-related promo that you should look for is the parlay boost. Bookmakers give you this bonus offer when you combine several NBA selections in one bet slip.

Most of the time, West Virginia sports wagering providers will boost your winnings or odds if you include four, five, six, or more legs in your combo bet.

For instance, you can compile a four-leg parlay wager in which you back the Boston Celtics, Utah Jazz, Washington Wizards, and Cleveland Cavaliers all to win. If you haven’t heard about an NBA combo boost before, you will probably be surprised to find that you can win around 10 percent more on that four-leg bet. All you have to do is make sure that you meet the minimum odds requirement for the NBA parlay boost, and you will be all set.

Tip #4: Only Choose NBA Sportsbooks that Have Top-notch Betting Apps 

A quality NBA sports wagering site is only half of what you should be looking for if you want to enjoy top-tier NBA betting. West Virginia bookmakers have some of the best sports wagering apps out there, and it would be a pity if you missed out on them.

A mobile wagering app lets you place NBA bets on the go and is perfect for punters who are always on the move. You are probably going to make most of your NBA bets via a mobile device, so having a top-notch app at hand is crucial.

But how can you know if a wagering app will be up to the task when making NBA bets? Here are some of the things and features that you need to make sure an app has.

Clean and Neat Layout

One of the key advantages that a sports wagering app holds over a betting site is functionality and easy access. You use sportsbook apps because you want to place bets quickly and with as little fuss as possible.

To achieve this, you must have an app that has a clean and neat layout. The only way you can navigate the menus in an app easily is if they are visible and if there is no app clutter.

Even the best sports wagering apps in the world will be useless if you have to spend hours trying to find your NBA games in them.

Has to Have an Excellent Live Betting Section

Placing live bets via a desktop site is alright, and I have done that for years. However, if you want to experience the real excitement of live wagers, you should place your in-play bets via a mobile app.

Nothing comes close to the thrill of placing a live wager on your favorite NBA team while watching it live with friends. However, the only way that you can place a live bet in situations like this is via a mobile wagering app.

Fortunately, most West Virginia sportsbook apps that I have come across have an in-play wagering section. Similarly, most of them let you place live bets on the standard in-play sports markets you can find online such as moneyline and point spread. If you are looking to find the apps with the best live wagering sections, though, I strongly recommend you go through my sportsbook app reviews.

Live Streaming of NBA Games

Unlike live betting, most West Virginia sportsbooks don’t have the live streaming of NBA games feature. However, this will probably change soon as WV sportsbooks stream various other sports via their apps.

If you find a West Virginia sportsbook app that lets you watch NBA games on your mobile device, my advice is to go with it. If this sportsbook has gone to such great lengths to make it possible for you to watch live NBA games, it is probably an excellent wagering provider.

What Makes a Great NBA Sports Betting Site?

So you want to know what makes a great NBA sports betting site? Well, as I already told you, you came to the right place. With my years of experience in the world of NBA betting and comprehensive knowledge of all things West Virginia related, I should always be your WV wagering go-to guy.

In a nutshell, here are the things that the best West Virginia NBA sportsbooks have:

  • A valid West Virginia Lottery Commission license;
  • Excellent pre-game and live wagering NBA options;
  • Top-notch NBA related bonuses (risk-free bet promos and parlay boosts);
  • A practical wagering app with lots of features.

In addition to these things, a great NBA sports wagering provider will also have a variety of payment methods to choose from and a 24/7 customer service. If there are more banking methods available, it will be easier for you to deposit and withdraw using your favorite payment options. In turn, this will make your NBA wagering experience much better.

Similarly, a 24/7 customer service will be able to assist you at any time of the day. In doing so, it will give you the necessary peace of mind that is a prerequisite to coming up with a winning NBA wager.


The NBA has always been one of the most popular competitions in the Mountain State. It was popular before the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races took that first legal sports bet. And it has been even more popular since.

There are lots of West Virginia sportsbooks that would accept your NBA bet, but not all of them are decent choices. To find the best NBA sportsbook, you first have to make sure that it has a valid license.

As soon as you have established that, you can start looking at other important factors and features. These include things such as a comprehensive NBA betting offer, a variety of wagering markets, and a top-notch app. If the sportsbook also has lots of banking options and 24/7 customer service, that’s even better.

Now that you know how an excellent NBA sports wagering site looks like, nothing is stopping you from joining one. Open a betting account with a quality West Virginia sportsbook now, and start enjoying the game of basketball like never before!


Is sports betting legal in West Virginia?

Yes, it is. Sports betting is legal in West Virginia, and you can bet on both professional and college games. The West Virginia Lottery Commission oversees sports betting in the state. To bet legally in the Mountain State, you have to be 21 years and older and have to be in West Virginia when placing your bets.

Can you bet online in WV?

Yes, you can. Online sports betting is legal in West Virginia, and the West Virginia Lottery Commission is in charge of overseeing all online betting activity in the Mountain State. All West Virginia residents who are 21 years and older can wager online.

Is NBA betting legal?

Yes, it is. NBA betting is legal in West Virginia and has been that way since Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races took the first legal sports bet in the state. You can bet on both regular season and playoff NBA games at West Virginia sportsbooks.

What happens if a game you bet on is suspended?

In most cases, a suspended game means that the sportsbook will refund your stakes or credit them to your account. Most of the time, however, you will have to wait 72 hours. If the game doesn’t resume by then, you will get your stake back.