Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy, also called “policy”, explains how WVPunter, hereinafter “site”, “website”, “we”, “us”, or “our”, collects, stores, and shares user data. The policy describes our data sharing regulations, how long we store the information, and with whom. The users, henceforth “viewers”, “readers”, or “you”, are requested to read and agree to the policy before continuing to browse the site or use its services.

What Private Data Does WVPunter Collect?

The website collects identifiable and non-identifiable user data like Name, Gender, Age, Date of Birth, Email ID, and IP Address. The website may claim ownership of the data submitted by the users. We accept contributions volunteered to the site, and WVPunter retains the exclusive right to use such information as required.

Why Do We Need Your Information?

Collecting user data is crucial for establishing and optimizing the website’s performance and to ensure relevance. Using the data collected, WVPunter can specifically identify the factors required to streamline content and increase engagement. We use the information to:

  1. Create and manage unique user accounts for swift identification.
  2. Design bespoke promotional materials based on your browsing data and preferences.
  3. Streamline products and services best suited to your needs.
  4. Adjust what we display for optimal user experience.
  5. Help you make informed decisions regarding online gambling.

The site explicitly announces that we only collect, store, and use the information according to our Privacy Policy. By continuing to browse the website, users are giving us consent to handle personal information according to our Privacy Policy.

Information Storage and Sharing

WVPunter retains user data as long as it’s required for the purpose of marketing and promotions. However, there are ways to control the data you share with our servers and restrict the information you do not choose to share. Users have the right to be forgotten. Send us an email requesting data removal, update, or correction, and we will comply according to the norms.

Users also have the right to know how and when their data is being used. You can send us an email with the request to specifically use your information for marketing purposes, and we will comply with following a legally specified grace period.

The website works with third-party service providers to bring you the best user experience. Therefore, we are obligated to share certain information with our partners to ensure smooth transitioning.

WVPunter ensures all third-parties own and observes the necessary hardware and qualifications required to protect user data as per our Privacy Policy. All identifiable and non-identifiable data are processed and protected following the strictest security protocols while observing the utmost care.

How Does WVPunter Protect User Data?

WVPunter strictly adheres to all legal guidelines to protect user data. Every state has its own legislation defining the extent till which we’re allowed to utilize private information. Apart from complying with West Virginia’s statutes, WVPunter employs strict technical measures to prevent unauthorized access or phishing attempts. The site uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection and data encryption to safeguard user data. However, WVPunter is not accountable for data theft.