Cookies Policy

The following Cookies Policy, hereinafter “policy”, lists the type of personal data collected by WVPunter, also called “site”, “website”, “us”, or “our”. The policy further clarifies who has access to the information and for how long.

What Information Does WVPunter Collect?

The website collects identifiable and non-identifiable personal data like Name, Age, Date of Birth, Gender, IP Address, and Email. The site may collect additional data in the future. But such changes will be noted in the policy beforehand. Users, henceforth “readers”, “viewers”, or “you”, are requested to stay updated with our policies. WVPunter is not liable to notify users of such changes.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files that are automatically stored on your device when you visit our website. Cookies store user information like preferences, actions, browsing history, login time, duration, language, and font size. These are created to offer the best user experience by staying in-sync with your preferences.

The Types of Cookies We Use

Users must accept our Cookies Policy to browse the website without issues. You can opt-out of our policy at any time or refuse permission if your browser allows. However, please be noted that such actions might restrict access to the entire website and slow navigation. You can also delete cookies and preferences from your browser’s settings.

WVPunter primarily uses two types of cookies – temporary and permanent. Temporary cookies are stored on the device and ensure the website is properly displayed. Permanent cookies boost the website’s performance. The site uses cookies specifically designed for this purpose. Hence, deleting or disabling cookies might cause a navigational error.

How Do We Use and Share Private Information?

WVPunter has three primary uses for the information collected. These may change over time, and such changes reflect in the policy. WVPunter might not use the collected information immediately but store it for future use. The collected data has three primary functions:

  1. Marketing and Promotions – The site uses identifiable data like IP address, email, and related information for preparing custom promotional materials, marketing communication, or important developments within the website.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – The site might share user data within its affiliate network for marketing purposes. However, such information exchange must be pre-approved and are subject to strict scrutiny.
  3. Partner/Third-Party Service Providers – WVPunter uses personal information to optimize specific aspects of the website to improve engagement. The site shares user data with reputed third-party service providers like Google Analytics, SEOSurfer, Ahrefs, and more.

Apart from the generic cases mentioned above, the site is obligated to share user data with the relevant authorities to comply with local, federal, or international statues or defend its rights.

If personally identifiable data is available with the site and the concerned authorities have a right to it, the site will be legally obligated to disclose information. A court order is required to accommodate such a request.

The site is also liable to share personal data with third parties in case of insolvency/bankruptcy. In such cases, WVPunter might be forced to sell its intellectual property. In the case of such an event, the current policy will not apply, and the purchasing party will be responsible for framing the new regulations.